Welcome to Infinito

Infinito is the annual sports fest of IIT Patna.

Once a humble initiative, after just three editions, Infinito has already grown into the biggest and most awaited sports fest of Bihar. It is an endeavor to ensure that no talent goes unnoticed. Through Infinito we provide people a platform where they can not only display their skills but also learn and develop the qualities of a true sportsman. Knit together are the virtues of team spirit, undying determination and zeal, and Infinito is an embodiment of them all.

Infinito is a three days fest and these three days see participation from colleges all over India. With a plethora of sporting events and exhilarating cultural nights we leave no stones unturned into ensuring that these three days are filled with fun and thrill and that everyone who is a part of our ever-growing family gets to make the most beautiful of memories.

Let's sweat to glory, together.

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